Garage Door Repairs in Manor TX

Icon Oct 2, 2022

If your garage door is acting up, you should seek the services of a professional company. Action Garage Door is one such company, which provides garage door repair and installation services. Established in 1984, this company is known for caring for its customers. Its services range from installation to replacement.

Garage & Garage Door Services are rated 4.9

Action Garage Door is a local company offering installation and repair services for garage doors in Manor. The company has been serving customers since 1984. Travis and his team are professional, prompt, and very experienced. They did a beautiful job installing our garage doors. Nick was particularly impressive. His work was superior to that of another company I had used before, and he was very friendly.


When it comes to repairing garage door openers, finding a company that is honest and has a good reputation in the Manor area can be a challenge. Most of us don’t have time to read reviews or find out who is best, but there are a few key qualities to look for. First of all, it’s best to choose a company that has a long history in the community and has a good reputation. Another sign of a quality service is a company that arrives on time, and is fully prepared to complete the job.

When your garage door is damaged or not working properly, you’ll want to consider having it replaced. A new door can update your home and make it look more modern. You can choose from the industry-standard designs or have a customized door built to fit your needs. Broken springs are also a common issue for homeowners, and a broken spring can be extremely dangerous.


It can be hard to find a trustworthy and reputable garage door repair service in Manor, TX, especially if you’re in a hurry. After all, you don’t have time to research every company. That’s why you should look for certain qualities in the company you choose. First, look for a company that has a solid reputation for being honest and reliable. Second, you should find out what their customer reviews say about them. Thirdly, look for a company that offers same-day service.

Action Garage Door is a local garage door repair service in Manor. They offer service to all types of garage doors, from wood carriage garage doors to conventional steel garage doors. They also install roll-up garage doors.


When it comes to Garage Door Repairs in Manor TX, there are several different options available. First of all, you can choose to have a new door installed, or have an existing door repaired. Depending on the problem, you may be able to get a similar door or get something completely different.

Another option is to hire a garage door repair specialist. These specialists will be able to adjust the springs and tracks, and often repair garage doors without replacing any parts. This is usually a much cheaper option than replacing a broken garage door. However, it will not protect you against future garage door problems.


When your garage door needs repairs, you should choose a company that provides 24 hour service, 365 days a year. This way, you can be sure that you’ll have someone to come and fix the problem as soon as possible. Action Garage Door provides repairs for worn-out garage doors and can also install custom-made doors to fit your needs.